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BED 1: Complete Lab Scale Systems

BED 1: Complete Lab Scale Systems

PCCell offers bench scale laboratory electrodialysis systems adaptable according to your project requirements: Common setup examples for laboratory uses can be realised basing on our microBED platform or our BED1 or BED2 scaled systems.

Our Bench scale electrodialyzers are designed to be used in laboratory and small pilot scale applications to perform electrodialysis processes in the most freely configurable way.
The pump unit serves the stack with the processing liquids and can be operated by manual control in a classic way.

The system can be step- by step upgraded according to your requirement and budget up to a completely automatic operating system, controlled by your desktop PC.

Typical configurations suitable for common tasks in research and development teams are collected in the brouchure below. PCCell will be pleased to configure these standard configurations to the requirements of your team.


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BED1-2 Table Control


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